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The next lesson is The Crystal Blues on March 22 at Karrinyup – 11.15am for 1 hour

A printable PDF file is available on the “NEXT DANCE” page for the next three months

Our South Perth Venue.

Des Young started a BLOG on our Forum asking for members to consider whether the South Perth Venue was still suitable for our Dances in view of the increase in the number of people attending these events.

David Stride has replied supporting the concern and our President has now posted on the Forum asking for input from the members.

Please feel free to join the discussion on our Forum: however we need to keep focused on the issue which is to establish our members opinions on whether the South Perth Venue is suitable to accommodate our large and increasing membership.


 Last Year

Last year concluded with our sell out Xmas Ball at the South Perth Civic Centre.

Full details of the program for each week are posted on the Next Dance Page together with a list of our current 71 dances and a three month dancing/lesson program. All of these files are in a printable PDF format.

For those who missed the Xmas ball, The President has written an article (on the EVENTS PAGE) and there are a number of photos from the event on our PICTURES PAGE.


Ballroom Dancing for Seniors – Come and Join Us.

Our social dances with lessons are arranged each week on Thursday, alternately at Karrinyup and South Perth, with over 130 people attending each venue.

Our accent is on fun, exercise and friendship. Most of our dances are sequence dances which are easy to learn and very popular.

According to a 21 year study led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, regular dancing has enormous potential benefits. This study showed that stimulating ones mind by dancing can ward of Alzheimers disease and other dementia. Although other activities had some benefit, dancing was overwhelmingly the most effective physical activity to offer protection against dementia.

Apparently, dancing also makes us smarter, provides a sense of well-being and can help with stress reduction.

Read the full article at or click HERE


A second article was sent to us by a Doctor and backs up other studies on the potential benefits to our health with ballroom dancing

Dance Your Way to a Longer Life

Dance classes can prevent fatal conditions including cancer, heart disease and dementia, experts claim.

Just two and a half hours of dancing a week would also save the NHS almost £11 billion over the next 10 years.  It would prevent more than 850,000 cases of disease and injury for over-60s in the decade, says fitness expert UKactive.

Dancing has “fantastic health benefits” and “reduces the loneliness and isolation many older folk experience”, doctors said.

UKactive’s Steven Ward said:  Inactive people are robbed of retirements because weak bones and joints lead to falls which render them immobile.  It’s vital we shift from a cure to prevention and build exercise into our lives as early as possible.”

Dancing would prevent 410,000 people breaking hips if all those over 61 did 150 minutes each week, saving £3.3 billion, according to the online analysis.

The number diagnosed with coronary heart disease may also fall by 104,000 and 40,000 fewer would have strokes.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide companionship, exercise and enjoyment through the medium of Social Dancing.


General information and the club’s dress code

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For all details of our dances. dance format, dance lessons, venue etc. please click on “NEXT DANCE” link above.


Dancing Lessons


Mar 22 Karrinyup and Mar 29 South Perth                       Crystal Blues

Apr 5 South Perth and Apr 12 Karrinyup                           Heather’s Saunter

Apr 19 South Perth and Apr 26 Karrinyup                         Mango Bossa Nova (New Dance for Over 50’s)

May 3 South Perth and May 10 Karrinyup                         Mango Bossa Nova (New Dance for Over 50’s)





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